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Medical Bill Review Software

CompStar™ Medical Bill Review Software

CompStar™, our flagship product, is a cloud-based workers' compensation bill review solution. The application delivers a high level of fee schedule automation to maximize your workers' compensation savings.

At the heart of CompStar™ is a powerful workflow-driven design which puts you in total control of your data. Utilizing the CompStar™ workflow engine you can implement mission-critical business rules which route data to the appropriate staff members or alert personnel to virtually any aspect of a medical bill.

CompStar™ features an extremely intuitive and efficient user interface design which allows your employees to be productive quickly. Early history detection, high speed data entry and online references are just a few of the system's user interface features.

CompStar™ can interface with a number of external trading partners including claims systems, PPO networks and state reporting agencies.

CaseDirector™ Medical Case Management Software

CaseDirector™ is a comprehensive medical case management cloud solution for nursing professionals.  By seamlessly intregating tools such as journaling, calendaring, and invoicing, CaseDirector™ eliminates the administrative burden associated with managing large caseloads.  The software is also highly customizable, allowing you to configure virutally every aspect of the system including case types, journal types, invoicing templates, etc.

CaseDirector™ provides many features to boost your performance from automatically generating template-based correspondence to pre-populating calendar events for new cases.

Organizing the various records affiliated with a case has never been easier.  CaseDirector™ features a document management system which allows you to upload, search, and view virtually any type of document associated with a case.

CaseDirector™ has been designed to scale with your business.  Whether you are a small, medium or large company, we have the tools needed to meet your business requirements.


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